My favorite Spencer Tracy scene

…also from Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner.

Matt Drayton: Now Mr. Prentice, clearly a most reasonable man, says he has no wish to offend me but wants to know if I’m some kind of a *nut*. And Mrs. Prentice says that like her husband I’m a burned-out old shell of a man who cannot even remember what it’s like to love a woman the way her son loves my daughter. And strange as it seems, that’s the first statement made to me all day with which I am prepared to take issue… cause I think you’re wrong, you’re as wrong as you can be. I admit that I hadn’t considered it, hadn’t even thought about it, but I know exactly how he feels about her and there is nothing, absolutely nothing that you son feels for my daughter that I didn’t feel for Christina. Old- yes. Burned-out- certainly, but I can tell you the memories are still there- clear, intact, indestructible, and they’ll be there if I live to be 110. Where John made his mistake I think was in attaching so much importance to what her mother and I might think… because in the final analysis it doesn’t matter a damn what we think. The only thing that matters is what they feel, and how much they feel, for each other. And if it’s half of what we felt- that’s everything. As for you two and the problems you’re going to have, they seem almost unimaginable, but you’ll have no problem with me, and I think when Christina and I and your mother have some time to work on him you’ll have no problem with your father, John. But you do know, I’m sure you know, what you’re up against. There’ll be 100 million people right here in this country who will be shocked and offended and appalled and the two of you will just have to ride that out, maybe every day for the rest of your lives. You could try to ignore those people, or you could feel sorry for them and for their prejudice and their bigotry and their blind hatred and stupid fears, but where necessary you’ll just have to cling tight to each other and say “screw all those people”! Anybody could make a case, a hell of a good case, against your getting married. The arguments are so obvious that nobody has to make them. But you’re two wonderful people who happened to fall in love and happened to have a pigmentation problem, and I think that now, no matter what kind of a case some bastard could make against your getting married, there would be only one thing worse, and that would be if – knowing what you two are and knowing what you two have and knowing what you two feel- you didn’t get married. Well, Tillie, when the hell are we gonna get some dinner?

My favorite Sidney Poitier Scene

Dr. John Prentice to his father (scene from Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner)

You listen to me. You say you don’t want to tell me how to live my life. So what do you think you’ve been doing? You tell me what rights I’ve got or haven’t got, and what I owe to you for what you’ve done for me. Let me tell you something. I owe you nothing! If you carried that bag a million miles, you did what you’re supposed to do! Because you brought me into this world. And from that day you owed me everything you could ever do for me like I will owe my son if I ever have another. But you don’t own me! You can’t tell me when or where I’m out of line, or try to get me to live my life according to your rules. You don’t even know what I am, Dad, you don’t know who I am. You don’t know how I feel, what I think. And if I tried to explain it the rest of your life you will never understand. You are 30 years older than I am. You and your whole lousy generation believes the way it was for you is the way it’s got to be. And not until your whole generation has lain down and died will the dead weight of you be off our backs! You understand, you’ve got to get off my back! Dad… Dad, you’re my father. I’m your son. I love you. I always have and I always will. But you think of yourself as a colored man. I think of myself as a man. Now, I’ve got a decision to make, hm? And I’ve got to make it alone, and I gotta make it in a hurry.

Follow the Rules of Prayer

Follow the Rules of  Prayer (Man’s Eternal Quest)

The first rule in prayer is to approach God only with legitimate desires.  The second is to pray for their fulfillment, not as a beggar, but as a daughter: “I am Thy Child. Thou art my Father– my Mother.  Thou and I are one.”  When you pray deeply and continuously you will feel a great joy welling up in your heart.  Don’t be satisfied until that joy manifests, for when you feel that all-satisfying joy in your heart, you will know that God has tuned in your prayer broadcast.  Then pray to your Father-Mother, “Lord, this is my need.”  I am willing to work for it, please guide me and help me to have the right thoughts and to do the right things to bring about success.  I will use my reason, and work with determination, but guide Thou my reason, will, and activity to the right thing that I should do.”  This is how I have always prayed.  Now, as soon as I ask God about some undertaking, I know whether I should do it or not, and I know what steps I should and should not take.

Be practical and earnest about prayer.  Concentrate deep on what you are praying.  Before you seek a job, or sign a contract, or do anything important, think of that Power.  Think of it continuously.  Take time out of sleep.  Your mind is habituated to resting at night from the day’s duties, and keeps urging, “Sleep.”  You must answer with all your divine power of will: “Away with sleep!  My engagement with God is more important.”  Then you will receive God’s response.

In Will Power Lies the Germ of Success

In Will Power Lies the Germ of Success (Man’s Eternal Quest)

Most people become extremely nervous or tense when they are trying to accomplish something that means a great deal to them.  Anxious, nervous actions do not draw the power of God, but continuous, calm, powerful use of the will shakes the forces of creation and brings a response from the Infinite.  The germ of success in whatever you want to accomplish is in your will power.  Will that has been badly battered by difficulties becomes temporarily paralyzed.  The resolute man who says, “My body may be broken, but my head of will power remains unbowed,” demonstrates the greatest expression of will.

Will power is what makes you divine.  When you give up using that will, you become a mortal man.  Many people say we should not exercise our will to change conditions, lest we interfere with God’s plan.  But why would God give us will if we are not to use it?  I once met a fanatical man who said he did not believe in using will power because it developed the ego.  “You are using a lot of will now to resist me!” I replied.  “You are using it to talk, and you are obliged to use your will to stand, or walk, or eat, or go to the movies, or even go to sleep  You will  everything you do.  Without will power you would be a mechanical man.”  Non-use of the will is not what Jesus meant when he said, “Not as I will, but as Thou wilt.”  He was demonstrating that man must learn to bend his will…

Meditation Makes the Yogi

Meditation Makes the Yogi – from Man’s Eternal quest

To find God, one should meditate every morning and night, and whenever there is a little spare time during the day.  In addition, it is important to meditate for six hours on one day out of the week.  This is not unreasonable, some people practice at the piano for ten hours every day of the week, and think nothing of it.  To become a spiritual master, it is necessary to give more time to God.  We have to make God feel that we love God more than anything else.  When you become experienced in meditation, able to get deep into superconsciousness, five hours of sleep are enough.  The rest of the night should be used for meditation.  One can use nights and early mornings and holidays for meditating on God.  In this way anyone, even the busy Westerner, can be a yogi.  So become a Western yogi.  You don’t have to wear a turban or to have long hair like me!

We need the “hives” of churches, but we also need to fill the churches with the “honey” of our own Self-relaization.  God is present in the churches too, of course, but your just going there will not persuade God to reveal herself/himself.  Churchgoing is good, but daily meditation is better still.  Do both, because you will certainly have inspiration from going to church, and from daily meditation you will receive even greater upliftment.  It is when a devotee’s heart is afire and when she throws shell after shell of prayer that God surrenders to her.  That unceasing devotion is essential to finding God.  In order to be a yogi and still keep pace with the modern world, it is necessary to  meditate at home, to discipline oneself, and to perform all duties with the attitude that they are a service to God.

The most important of all life’s accomplishments is to establish a temple of God in one’s own soul.  And it can be easily done.  Anyone who has established God in her soul temple is a yogi.  She can say, with me, that Yoga is for the East, North, South, and West — for all people, that they may follow the byways of theology to join the highway of Yoga.  The right road leads to the palace of God’s bliss.  She who once reaches there shall “go no more out.”