Thoth, otherwise known by the ancient Greeks as Hermes (from which Hermeticism is derived), is an Egyptian God. He was known for being the “Author of Every Work on Every Branch of Knowledge, Both Human and Divine”.

I read the Egyptian Book of Life in 2010 and there was one thing said by Thoth which stuck with me:

“The wickedness of the soul is ignorance and the virtue of the soul is knowledge”

About Thoth:

Thoth was thought to have invented writing, medicine, magic, and the Egyptians’ civil and religious practices. He was even credited with the invention of music. He was scribe of the underworld and was given the epithets “He who Balances”, “God of the Equilibrium” and “Master of the Balance”. Thoth maintained the library of the gods with the help of his wife, Seshat (the goddess of writing). He was the scribe of the gods, and was often described as the “Lord of the Divine Body”, “Scribe of the Company of the Gods”, the “voice of Ra” or the “counsellor of Ra” who (along with Ma’at) stood on the sun barge next to Ra on his nightly voyage across the sky. It was also thought that Ra gave Thoth an area of the underworld to rule in the “Land of the Caves.”

In addition to writing The Egyptian Book of the Dead (which is sometimes called The Egyptian Book of Life) he wrote The Book of Breathings, which teaches humans how to be Gods.

There is another thing I’ve been thinking about a lot lately, which is mentioned in the Egyptian Book of Dead). And that is the subject of SUFFERING.

“Earthly life is all about suffering. For example, minerals suffer from separation from original cause (the original state of eternal happiness, where all creations existed with the Creator). Plants suffer the minerals’ life. Animals suffer plants’ life. Humans suffer animals’ life and the superhuman suffers humanity. Earthly life is all about suffering. The individual who did well regrets the fact that he did not do better and the one who did not do good at all, regrets the fact that he did not do well.”

So I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately (probably because of my new vegetarianism), and it does make you think. It kind of makes you not want to eat food, because eating is just… in the words of Sartre or the other 1 De Beauvoir…, “appropriation by destruction.” And who wants to appropriate by destruction? People who are so advanced in consciousness, the true yogis… they barely eat food. They subsist on the bare minimum – living mostly off air and whatever good nutrient packed  food (in small doses) that they need to get by. And they live and enjoy life for a pretty long time.

Anyhow I wandered. But lately, for me, perhaps Thoth has been the ultimate inspiration.

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