running a la vibrams

“The human foot is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art.” – Leonardo Da Vinci



These shoes are out of this world. I used to clunk and plod in my trainers. They gave me good cushion. They were comfortable. And they looked cool.  But… no no no…

 These shoes: these vibrams have changed the way i approach running and walking and hiking and sprinting and jumping. I have them on and all I want to do is move. Sprint from one spot to another. It’s insane. I run in the office, in the warehouses, in the grocery store, from my apartment door to another building. I LOVE THEM. They simulate barefoot running.

And today i ran a decent distance. I’ve been a bit scared of running a decent distance. I thought i’d be too unfit and that i’m too overweight, but shockingly i was able to handle it, and after 15 or so minutes decided to increase my speed.

I guess it’s also meaningful. I’ve been doing a lot of inner work and releasing of old energies, so to do this distance run was a promising step for me. And the fact that i did it today on June 11 was even more meaningful. After i ran, i realized that it’s 5 months to the day until i run the Marathon in Athens. And what shocks me is that i don’t think i’ll just run it to run it… i’m running it to kill it. And get a good time. And fucking kick ARSE.

The difficult thing here is the diet. Eating is so annoying. What’s the right fuel. What’s not the right  fuel. What’s going to aid you. What’s going to hinder you. Thankfully i’ve been lucky enough to be surrounded by athletes who understand just how irritating this food issue can be. Though some of them do really well. They’ve found great alternatives for cravings. They know what to eat at the different times and love what they eat. It’s quite good that they’re like that. For example, one thing i struggle with is that an hour before bed, i really fancy something – usually a chocolate😦 But i’ve come up with alternatives such as a teas (teas of chocolate flavor and teas of mint flavor).

And in all REspects and ASpects i feel completely blessed. Maybe it’s the circle of friends. I look at my friends and i love them, and i see such beautiful things in them, and such great support and encouragement… and i realize what i love in them is a lot of what i love in me.

And if someone  else apart from me is reading this blog, i have this to say to you: I LOVE YOU TOO.

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