two weeks notice!!

my very own two weeks notice


Yesterday evening I handed in my Two Weeks Notice. It was rather intimidating at first but I realized I have the full support of my workplace and office. It’s been a fantastic year. Both heavenly and hellish. I have worked with great friends, developed important relationships, learned so much in such compacted amount of time. I also have learned a great deal about myself — I have less limits than before (whether that is good or bad remains to be seen) and a much wider scope. It’s been truly amazing to be a part of Empire Building. But it’s the time for me to go.. to work on developing myself and my down-the-road empire. As the head legal counsel of the company said, “You’re leaving us for Jedi training.” So I am like Luke Skywalker – leaving my sunshine world behind to learn and train on the freezing planet (under Yoda).

Let the Jedi training begin! (though i’m making it sound more romantic and fantastical than it is). But still!!!

I can’t wait. Now I just have to get through these 2 weeks and soon after that i’ll be on Dagobah.  (in this case Dagobah, the freezing planet, is the East Coast).



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